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RoadtoWM30 Report: An Evening With The Stinger (14/03/14)

An Evening With The Stinger
AYO! What's popping everybody, as part of our Road to WrestleMania 30, Rihan and I were able to attend a very rare Q&A session with 'the icon' Sting, who was replacing Ric Flair in a spoken word tour in Camden Town, London last night. There was also a Meet and Greet for fans who were holding VIP tickets, and there's also going to be an appearance from The Stinger at the RevPro: High Stakes 2014 show tonight - So I'm hoping to get my picture with The Stinger before the show tonight so STAY TUNED for further reports. For now we can share with you some of the notes from last night's Q&A Session:

Sting got a great ovation and was very tight lipped during the Q&A about his future but it definitely looks like he has signed with the WWE based on the answers he was giving, he gave a number of hints during the show..

  • He wants to face Undertaker in his last match. He's not interested in fighting other opponents in WWE or Independent promotions
  • Was on YouTube doing research watching the Undertaker Shawn Michaels match 
  • Hasn't watched the TNA product since he left, but has been purposefully (his exact words) watching RAW for the past few weeks
Other headlines:
  • Mentioned his three favourite matches were Flair 45 Minute Clash Of Champions '88, his first World Title victory and Starrcade '97 vs. Hogan
  • Mentioned he disliked working with Vampiro in WCW & he wasn't fond of working with Robocop..
  • Mentioned he didn't feel that Hogan took his spot when he joined WCW
  • Rated Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle as top two wrestlers
  • Credited Scott Hall for giving him the idea behind the Crow look
  • Responsible for Goldberg joining WCW as he used Luger & Sting's Atlanta Gym
  • Disappointed about not having a proper feud with Bret in WCW
  • Sting couldn't remember who the Dangerous Alliance were and doesn't follow the product so was unable to mention a favourite match not involving him
  • His Top 3 talents to work with in TNA were Kurt Angle, AJ Styles & Abyss
  • He wishes he could have had a longer programme working with Samoa Joe
  • When asked about whether The Ultimate Warrior had contacted him on inducting him into the Hall of Fame he said that he still talks to Ultimate Warrior every 2-3 years and keeps in contact, but they haven't spoken in a couple of years, so it was about time...
  • When asked whether he had heard about, and would consider working for, Jeff Jarrett's new rumoured promotion, he simply replied: "Yeah... I would"
Please see below YouTube Playlist of key questions answered during the show 

AND THEN we had to ask him what it was like being a part of the greatest movie (to a lot of wrestling fans) of all time, and here's what Sting had to say:

The Verdict:

Although Sting was reserved in the ways in which he answered many of his questions, there were a lot of indicators pointing at the 'WWE' sign. I remember one fan asking him straight: "So are you going to be in New Orleans for WrestleMania week and then will you turn up on RAW as Commissioner?" Which was initially met by laughter by everyone in the room including Sting, but it's definitely a variation of the question that is on everyone's mind. Will Sting be on the RAW following WrestleMania XXX? Sting's response was, "I honestly don't know, but you never know.."

For anyone who's going to be in New Orleans for RAW on April 7th - Keep the Sting merchandise ready... We're almost sure that it will be SHOWTIME FOLKS!

(Side note: One of the more memorable pieces of merchandise that I saw last night was an Undisputed Championship belt, with the leather strap on the back signed by Sting, with "22-1" also signed by Sting, right under his name...)

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Thanks for taking the time to read,
Sting @ RevPro tonight so there's plenty more to come! /-) #Hope2EntertainU
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