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Power Slam: 10 and a Half Years in the Making

AYO! I thought I'd take a minute to just put my thoughts down on paper (or type them up to the blog in this case) because we're only about 7 days out from WrestleMania! On a personal level I'd been on the losing end of a battle with cold and flu symptoms for about 3 weeks, but mere days before we fly out, things are starting to clear up. Thanks to; Tyrozets lozenges, Hall's Soothers, Lockets, Beecham's All-in-One tablets, regular gym sessions, Korean Ginseng, vapo rub and 'Ginger, Lemon & Honey' tea - my immune system is picking up and laying the biological SmackDown on these cold and flu symptoms.

There were points earlier this week when it seemed as though the stress of being prepared was outweighing the excitement of WrestleMania Season, such as creating the T-Shirt designs to use as an example. On it's own it doesn't seem like a big deal, but stitch that in with all the other things we have to prepare/organise for and the fabric of the perfect trip starts to weigh on your mind. Tried to call Rihan a few times this week but it's like trying to get through to him, has been equivalent of trying to get Premium VIP tickets for WrestleMania Axxess. He must be real busy! Sometimes I wonder how he keeps up with things the way he does, and manages to stay on top of everything. Thankfully, the T-shirt designs look amazing in my opinion, and the finished product will be ready for collection tomorrow. I'll probably put a sneak peak picture up on here so keep your eyes peeled!

I finished watching 'The Wrestling Road Diaries' today with Anuj, and it definitely gets the thumbs up! I wanted to make sure that I watch this before flying out because it shows you insight of what it's like, being on the road and living the lifestyle of an independant professional wrestler, vicariously through Colt Cabana, Bryan Danielson and Sal Rinauro. The reason it was important to me was because it would take me on the journey with 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson on his last tour around before signing up to the WWE. It was almost like watching a movie prequel to his career, where you get to see him wrestle in small venues before getting into the 'E' and also seeing what his perspectives were in terms of wrestling, and John Cena :) From those humble beginnings, through ROH, all the way to taking on Triple H in the biggest venue available - What a journey! And it could culminate 7 days from now...

Prior to watching 'The Wrestling Road Diaries' I'd gone out with my buddy H to do a little last minute shopping and I came across some wrestling magazines in WHSmith. I fiddled through until I found the official WWE '30 Years of WrestleMania' magazine which I picked up because it was a no brainer. Then I was surprised to find a copy PWI. They sell those in the UK? This was news to me. But the one that caught my attention was Power Slam. I'd bought that magazine once somewhere in the past, along with FSM and some others but it had been so long since we actually needed magazines to find out the latest information on Pro Wrestling. For some reason, maybe nostalgia, I decided to purchase the Power Slam magazine too.

Now here's the cool part: After getting home, I decided to look for that old copy of Power Slam magazine. And I found it. It was issue number 110 (£2.60) from September 2003. Exactly 10 years and 6 months ago. That was the only previous edition of Power Slam magazine that I had. 124 issues later, I bought my next installment of the magazine today, and it was issue 234 (£3.25) March 2014 edition. Now, it didn't occur to me until I put them next to each other, beside each other, that even though these editions were over 10 years apart, I was looking at a main event match that's going to be on the card at this year's WrestleMania...

Don't you just love the way the Universe works sometimes? Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan - The winner receives the final spot in the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. ANYONE from the 4 could come out of New Orleans as Champion. Who remembers WrestleMania XX, 10 years ago in the main event where two members of DX and Chris Benoit were in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship? Who's to say this year there won't be two members of Evolution and Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match? Not at all ruling out the possibility of a all Evolution main event! I've got goosebumps just thinking about it... I also have a strong feeling that Daniel Bryan and Triple H have the potential to steal the show in terms of their match and could provide some great competition for Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. As always, time will time. And the time is almost upon us. 7 Days.

P.s. If the T-shirt part didn't make sense to you - it was in reference to the commemorative T-shirts we're having made for the trip. As there are 4 of us going, we decided to go with the Evolution themed Ts, as each one of us could represent a member of Evolution. So in closing...

"You see, in life, everything happens for a reason. That's just the natural process of evolution. You see, and if you don't have what it takes, you will be left behind. So if you wake up one day, and you’re lying in a hospital bed, and you’re all beat up and you’re wondering to yourself what in the hell happened, then there is just one answer for you: Evolution has just passed you by." - Triple H

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WrestleMania is right around the corner! /-) #Hope2EntertainU
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