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Flashback Friday: Lucha Britannia!

Now, when Rihan first told me about Lucha Britannia, I didn't really know what to expect. He said that was a good thing, and if I were to expect anything, expect some surprises!

Assuming you're not familiar to the RetroFutureVerse and it's Luchdores, here's a link to the roster page so you can visualize as you read: Meet the Luchadores!


AYO! What's popping everybody? I thought I'd take some time to fill you in on our experience of Lucha Britannia, it's RetroFutureVerse world & cabaret siniestro! This was my first time attending a Lucha Britannia show, and what a different flavour this was to the British wrestling scene - absolutely loved the masks, the backstories, mythology and characters that LB had to offer. Pretty sure everyone apart from Reginald Windsor was masked, but to his credit he looked like a younger Daniel Bryan.

Funny side story - I had actually told two of my friends to come along, last minute that night, with Rihan and myself who were already going and I remember what I'd pitched to them over the phone. "Hey Vimal, you doing anything tonight? Wanna head to a cabaret show?" and, "AYO! H you wanna come to a cabaret show tonight? Vimal's up for it too man?"

Before you knew it they'd bought their tickets online and the plans for the night were solid. It's just that at the time, they had no idea that they would be attending a wrestling show. Upon arrival, in Bethnal Green we followed the directions to the venue, and that lead us to what seemed like the back entrance to a warehouse. Very Def Jam Vendetta style. As we were early we decided to double back and head for a couple of drinks at a local pub. £2.50 for an Amaretto and coke, what could go wrong?

Bell Time:

So as we made our way back to the venue, and through the doors, the first really noticeable thing is the ring itself. This was Hinal's first ever wrestling show, EVER. So for him this was a pretty big deal, because he's always been a wrestling fan since the Attitude Era but never actually been to a live wrestling show of any sort. He was telling me about how excited he was, "I am so GASSED right now man!" smiling from ear to ear - his ring-ginity was at long last about to be broken.

The atmosphere inside the venue was incredible, I've said it before and I'll say it again, wrestling fans are the best fans! There were a fair few people including myself who were in luchador masks, and there were a number of people (including Vimal) that had their wrestling t-shirts on. The set-up for the bar was pretty awesome aswell, they had various wrestling artefacts, figures and masks on display across the shelf behind the bar. I was lucky enough to buy the last Budweiser artefact they had /-)

The opening contest was a 6 way elimination match between Santeria, The Bakewell brothers, El Mercurio, Payaso Pesadilla and El Transexico. I think by crowd reaction El Transexico was the favourite to win this one, but I was far more impressed by the presence of Santeria! A goliath of a man, accompanied by Don Ominoso, the patriarch of the Army of Darkness! A very polarizing duo indeed. Santeria would also be the man to pick up the win after last eliminating El Transexico. Great exhibition and some impressive moves including a double chokeslam from Santeria, eliminating both The Bakewell brothers. Since I'm new to Lucha Britannia's Retroverse and I'm not familiar the characters all too well yet, I'm going to stick with the heel that impressed me the most and that was definitely: Santeria. Not taking anything away from the others; Payaso Pesadilla (the evil clown) was really believably creepy, Transexico could have been either gender, and El Mercurio was one of the most awesome imitations of a famous British singer I've ever seen!

Matches that stood out for me included the initial handicap match that would pit Metallico up against the football hooligans. I say initial handicap, because the odds would soon be evened out when Fraser from the bar would hit one of the hooligans with a crossbody from the first floor balcony! I guess Rihan was right when he said that we should expect some surprises! The barman was in this match! Awesome! I also loved the fact that in the RetroVerse, Metallico's weakness was water. Genius. It turns him into a roboto dancing machine, as well as inducing metalic spasms and that would eventually attribute to them losing the match against the hooligans! The finish would come when the referee would catch a foreign object in the hands of Fraser - Disqualified! The only thing that baffled me was a part of the storyline - something to do with Metallico wanting to open up a scrapyard in Dagenham East? Maybe it was part of the mythology? Who knows.

There was an amazing interlude performance, and if I'm correct I believe it was called "The Sinner & The Saint" which got the reaction of shock and awe from me! I won't get into too much detail about it, but it's just as much a spectacle to see as the rest of the show, and that's all I'm saying. You'll just have to go to a Lucha show somewhere down the line to find out for yourself what it's all about!

The boys @ Lucha Britannia

As mentioned earlier the only wrestler who wasn't masked was an ugly looking version of a younger Daniel Bryan, Reginald Windsor. This talented young 'luchador' was in a 3-way match against the Hero, Leon Britannico and the mysterious Dark Britannico! The highlight of this bout had to be the crisp Shooting Star Press by Leon. I remember him getting a pretty decent pop for it too. However, it would be the snobby upper-class Reginald Windsor that would come away with the win. The story being the beat down handed to Leon by this mysterious Dark Britannco. Could this be a battle between two long lost brothers?

I think I'm in love with La Tigressa's smile. I'm not sure what it was at the time but there was something to her that made me think, "Damn.. she's beautiful!" - I'm pretty sure it was the smile that helped her get over in my eyes. So if you're reading this I want you to know, that made my heart stop for a minute /-D Keep smiling! She was paired up with Tony the Bengal Tiger in a 3 way mixed tag team match against the teams of; Disco Diablo & Discocita, and Janey Britannico & Necrosis! The two representing the army of darkness looked absolutely amazing - Nercosis and Janey Britannico. The tongue deal with Necrosis had me staring at him just wondering how he was doing that, and I can't tell you the number of times Rihan said to me during this match that, "Janey Britannico looks like a great technical wrestler!" - I think he has a soft spot for her - Zombies beware! All kidding aside, this exhibition was fast and furious and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I recollect that Discocita was the one who got the pinfall for her team, winning the match!

The main event was originally scheduled for Shiro Yoshida to take on Antaios, son of Poseidon for the Championship, but instead, Shiro would be ambushed by the army of darkness, lead by Don Ominoso. Now I was so into what was going on in the ring, I totally missed when any of the army of darkness actually approached the ring which made it feel like they literally came out of nowhere. It appeared that Antaios had been having some heart troubles and Santeria was in Antaios' gear! Oh the humanity! Actually I'm pretty sure when Santeria hit Shiro with a chokeslam, we were the few guys who were chanting, "One more time!" for Santeria..

After Don Ominiso's egomaniacle promo about power, he ordered Santeria to do his bidding again, but the big man had other plans. The Army of Darkness turned on Don Ominoso and threw his dark candy ass out of the ring. Was this a face turn? or was this an even more of a heel turn? That question would be answered when again, seemingly out of nowhere the babyfaces stormed the ring to take out Santeria, Necrosis, Dark Britannico and Janey. Shiro would have his arms raised by all the good luchadores, fighting the good fight, and sending the people home happy..

The amazing wrestlers of Lucha Britannia
Despite not having a main event match for the championship, we got to see a brawl the week before the Royal Rumble which was pretty sweet! Definitely would recommend going to see Lucha Britannia, even if you may not be a wrestling fan, this is still an great night out - and who knows, maybe this is the show to turn you into one! If you're in London, then check out Lucha Britannia. After having an incredible first experience I'm sure we'll be back in Bethnal Green before long! Was glad that I listened to Rihan, came to the show and made Lucha Britannia a part of our journey on the Road to New Orleans in April. And finally... LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! Tremendous performance by all, Muchos Love to the Luchas!

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There's plenty more to come! /-) #Hope2EntertainU
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  1. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Lucha put on one hell of a show every month