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TNA UK Fan Party (22/12/13)

It was 2:00am in the morning on Saturday night and I just received a phone call from the ultimate opportunist, Rihan. He was calling to let me know that he had 2 tickets for the TNA UK Fan Party. Sunday 22nd December 2013 at The Garage! A chance to meet the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and 1st British wrestling champion for a major promotion in 108 years - Magnus. As well as the chance to meet Rockstar Spud - winner of the 1st TNA British Boot Camp. And of course the master of most of TNA's ceremonies Mr. Jeremy Borash! This was TNA's way of saying... "Merry Christmas!"

Despite having gotten to the event an hour late, the event itself was pretty awesome! Rihan had gotten there before me and had watched the screening of the Dixieland Match (what a name for a gimmick match right?) between Jeff Hardy and Magnus to determine the new TNA World Heavyweight champion.

I'd only heard the news about Magnus that morning from Anuj, and it was pretty cool that finally a Brit was World champion for a major promotion! Magnus would be introduced by Rockstar Spud, to the sounds of Arctic Monkeys.. to deliver his first speech as TNA World Heavyweight Champion on UK soil.

Magnus coming out to "Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?" was a damn cool moment! At the time I didn't know the name of the song but I looked it up, found it and haven't stopped listening to it since! It really suited him, it has that cocky heel swagger to it. I cannot wait for the TNA Maximum iMPACT tour on February 1st, because I can only imagine what the pop will be like when a Brit returns to England, and our hometown of Wembley, finally bringing home the gold!

We were sure to grab a couple of beers while we were at the TNA Xmas party, and check out some of the merchandise at the stall near the bar. Unfortunately they didn't have a large in the Aces & Eights t-shirt which would have been pretty cool to own. Maybe we'll get the right sizes when they hit Wembley Arena.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
The atmosphere was great and JB was giving out signed merchandise by the truck load, what a great way to do some promoting! From signed Abyss masks, to signed 8x10s of TNA Superstars - throwing them out all throughout the party. I would have loved to get my hands on some TNA Knockout's playing cards. It's sort of a hobby, collecting decks of cards /-) Also being given away were these huge wallpaper arts featuring Velvet Sky, Brooke, Gail Kim and Christy Hemme. Who wouldn't want to wake up and see that first thing in the morning? By the end of the night, I remember talking to Jeremy Borash just before leaving, and a group of 4, had run up to this wall and started ripping the paper off the walls, and we stopped talking to look over. JB said, "As long as they have permission.."

JB would also be recording the IMPACT Wrestling podcast, which is now available for your audible pleasure, and I'll be listening to it in it's entirety as soon as this post is up! The podcast featured questions that were asked by people at the party, one of which were about who Magnus found inspirational in the world of professional wrestling.

You can check out what Magnus had to say by checking out our fan video on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4YEc-fopHQ

The highlight of the night for me had to be talking to Rockstar Spud and letting him know that in 2007 when he was wrestling in the Irish Pub in Digbeth for AWW in front of about 30 people, Rihan and I were in that crowd. And here we were, 2013 January and Spud had just won TNA British Boot camp and was wrestling in front of a sold out crowd in Wembley Arena. He said he really appreciated it! It's like we've been with him on his journey from his early days so it's nice to see how well he's doing now with TNA! A true character!

We were also given the chance to get our pictures taken with the man himself! The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus! He was nice enough to sign some cards for us also. It was pretty awesome to be in the same picture as the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Rihan had some old wrestling memorabilia with him and got that signed from the champ. It was an old promotional poster which featured Brutus Magnus and Rockstar Spud on it, I think it may have been an independent promotion from Birmingham, England. Spud would be kind enough to sign the same one!

Jade O'Malley was dealing with a queue of fans who were showing her their #TNAFanParty tweets in exchange for signed 8x10s of TNA Superstars. Unluckily, and this is no offence to D'von, I had gotten a D'von one. Wasn't too happy with it and asked if we could exchange it? At first she said no, but then she said that if we were to tweet at her then she'd give me another one! So she took my phone and keyed in her user from my phone, and she got me a signed AJ Styles 8x10! (Which I realised I already had at home..) But still! That was nice of her, you can go follow her on Twitter @JadeOMalley Thank You Jade!

Jeremy Borash was kind enough to spend about 10 minutes with us after Rihan had gotten his picture taken with him, to answer a question that I had asked him. "What advice can you give me for my blog on the Road to WrestleMania?" - If there was anyone in the history of the world that knew anything about promotion it was this man. And I appreciate the ideas we discussed, and for allowing me to pick his brain a little bit. One of the things he advised me to do was to shoot videos, because it's over at the moment. May have to implement that in somehow a bit more for everyone! Rihan asked him if there would be any TNA events in the week of April 6th in New Orleans, and it may interest you to know that there sounds like there could be a very good chance /-) For the record, I'm going to go ahead and say that Jeremy Borash is a really cool guy, and down to Earth, and fun to talk to! Don't have enough nice things to say about him, a true entertainer and great communicator! If you're reading this, I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass, Thank you for your time sir, and for being an absolutely awesome host! If you don't already follow him on Twitter you can do so by going right here: @JeremyBorash 
Rihan with Jeremy Borash

Our friend @Cherrysparkler with Jeremy Borash

Jeremy Borash with Mau
In summary, we all had a blast at the TNA UK Christmas fan party and were glad that we were able to be a part of something like this, which I hear doesn't happen very often in the United States. More excited than ever to be going to the TNA Maximum Impact tour VI in Wembley Arena! If you were at the TNA Fan party then feel free to leave a comment below and share your photos, videos and experiences with us!

P.s. On behalf of everyone at The Road to WrestleMania 30 blog, Merry Christmas Eve!

Thanks for taking the time to read,
There's plenty more to come! /-)
Mau (24/12/13)

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