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WrestleMania CountDown: WrestleMania 2000

AYO! What's popping everybody? It was last night on Monday Night RAW where three major announcements were made, in regards to the immediate route of the Road to WrestleMania. The first was made by Stephanie McMahon, that the WWE World Heavyweight championship would be defended by Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, against John Cena. The second announcement would come from Triple H, who re-introduced the WWE Universe to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar now has his sights set on whomever the victor will be between John Cena and Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble. The third was less of an announcement, but more of a shocker as Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt family. I thought it was inevitable, and it was only a matter of time. What do you think? You can join the conversation over on our Facebook page and voice your opinion! Right now, let's take a step back in time for our WrestleMania CountDown, a look at WrestleMania 2000!


Date: 2nd April, 2000
Venue: Arrowhead Pond
City:  Anaheim, California

We were finally watching a WrestleMania where the era seemed a bit more familiar to me. This was around the time I was watching more of WCW. Who in England remembers WCW Worldwide every Friday night at 7pm on Channel 5? That was one of the two wrestling programmes available to us at the time. The other being Sunday Night Heat on Channel 4, and occasionally Channel 4 would air a live WWE pay-per-view. Earlier in that year, I remember they had aired the Royal Rumble (2000) pay-per-view - my first WWE PPV. My earliest memories of WWF! I remember my dad telling me that I couldn't watch wrestling anymore after seeing the brutality that Cactus Jack and Triple H delivered to each other. Still in my opinion one of the craziest street fights to date. At the time I'd first seen it, I'd never seen anything quite that violent ever before. However, the highlight was the Royal Rumble match itself. I think that's probably why I love the Rumble so much, it broke my PPV-ginity. I remember when Sheamus had won the Rumble and I left like we'd been robbed, and I'd have to wait a whole year until we could see another Rumble match. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint in 2014! The Rock would win the Royal Rumble in 2000, and that would lead us to the main event of WrestleMania 2000.

The opening tag-team bout between The Godfather and D'Lo Brown and The Shield. Wait, that's not the Shield. That's Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan! They look like the early concept for the Shield, with their tactical vests. The most annoying thing about this match for me was the number of times Ice-T would say, "Pimp' ain't pimpin' ain't easy.." - I dare you to go back and watch that entrance and count the number of times he said it. Take a shot for every time he says it. Just drilling it into my brain. Makes me glad that Boss Man and Buchanan came out with the win.

The hardcore battle royal for the WWF Hardcore championship may not have been the greatest match on the card but it was one that was damn entertaining down to the last minute. Crash Holly would start out as the champion and then the title would change hand a number of times, and would eventually end up with Crash again in the last minute! Crash stood in the middle of the ring, raising his arms, as the crowd popped for Tazz, who synched in the Tazzmission on from behind. The timer was ticking away when Hardcore Holly would run into the ring and smash a jar over the heads of Crash and Tazz. Hardcore Holly pinned Crash and would get the 1-2! Referee Dim White for some reason didn't count the 3-count but still decided that Holly had won. Hardcore Holly. My only conclusion is that Dim Tim White suffered a little short-term memory loss after the 2 count.

T&A accompanied by Trish Stratus. Damn. They would take on Headcheese (Al Snow & Steve Blackman) - and for the record I have no idea on why the team was called Headcheese as I wasn't regularly watching WWE programming at the time so if anyone could shed some light on that cheese I'd be grateful. Feel free to leave a comment. Anywho, Headcheese would come up short and would end up attacking their mascot, Chester McCheeserton. 'Time to cut the cheese'.

The World Tag Team championship match stole the show. The champions, The Dudley Boys battled Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boys in a thrilling encounter. Throughout the epic encounter, tables and chairs also made their way into the fray, leading many to consider this encounter the precursor to the famed TLC Match. Words cannot do this match justice, and as much as I try, I would rather you go back and take a look at this iconic piece of history.

We skipped through the match where Terri Runnels (with The Fabulous Moolah) defeated The Kat (with Mae Young) - No homo, we had time constraints. I'm sure the lovely dinosaurs on the outside added to the match in some respect. Guess we'll never know.

The next match was a 6-person intergender tag team match. Too Cool would team up with Chyna to take on the Radicalz (Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero). I was trying to explain to Anuj how good The Radicalz really were. I don't think that Too Cool, as great as they are could hold a candle to the technical prowess of the 3 men across the ring from them. The first ever WCW match I had watched was a 6-man tag team match where Psychosis, Chavo Guerrero and Juventud Guerrera would take on Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit. Just a random side note. I was impressed. The story was one of the first pieces of the puzzle for the Eddie and Chyna angle. On this night, Chyna would pick up the win for her team with a pinfall against Eddie Guerrero.

Another top quality match on the card was the two-fall triple threat match for the WWF Intercontinental (first fall) and WWF European (second fall) championships. Arguably 3 of the best technical wrestlers of all time in Y2J Chris Jericho, the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and Chris 'He-who-must-not-be-named' Benoit. The first fall went to Benoit after he nailed a diving headbutt off the top rope to a prone Chris Jericho. The second would come when Jericho would in turn get the W over Benoit. Kurt Angle just lost both championships without ever being involved in a fall! The genius of the triangle match. I believe we have Terry Funk to thank for that, if my sources (The Steve Austin Show podcast) are correct.

In an unlikely pairing, Kane and Rikishi would defeat D-Generation X members Road Dogg and X-Pac (accompanied by Tori). I think the angle at the time was that Tori had betrayed Kane. Just like Chyna had done at WrestleMania XV. As Lita would also do somewhere down the line. Boy, Kane has had his fair share of girl issues. The Gobbledy Gooker would rear it's ugly self at the of this match and join Rikishi and Too Cool for a little dance, up until Kane grabbed that chicken thinking that it was Pete Rose under that outfit. Rose however would emerge from behind with a baseball bat to no avail, and would receive a chokeslam from Kane and a stink-face from Rikishi for his troubles.

With a McMahon in every corner for the main event and 19,776 fans in attendance, the WWF Championship Match at WrestleMania 2000 certainly had the makings of a volatile situation. Accompanied by Stephanie McMahon, WWF Champion Triple H defended his title against The Rock (with Vince), Big Show (with Shane), and Mick Foley (with Linda) in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match. The build-up was epic, and the match delivered. The only thing I can take away from this main event was that it seemed very long-winded. Big Show and Mick Foley seemed to get themselves eliminated very early with Triple H and The Rock left battling for an eternity. Eventually, the McMahon factor would come into play and it was a chair shot from Vince, that cost The Rock the match. Rocky would end the night by sending the fans home happy by hitting his patented Rock Bottom on both Shane and Vince McMahon - and then even Stephanie McMahon! This story was far from over... but that's a wrap for WrestleMania 2000!

WrestleMania Moment: Vince McMahon turning on The Rock and hitting him with the final steel chair blow!

Move of the Night: Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder

Match of the Night: Triangle Ladder Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship


If you watched WrestleMania 2000, let us know what you thought and fill us in on your favorite moments! Join the blog next weekend as we take a look back at WrestleMania X-Seven from 2001 as a part of the 'WrestleMania CountDown'! You can also tweet to us from anywhere! Whether you're in the United Kingdom, United States, Sri Lanka, India, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the Maldives or even the Philippines, send us a shout via our Twitter:

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Oh and I almost forgot...


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TNA UK Fan Party (22/12/13)

It was 2:00am in the morning on Saturday night and I just received a phone call from the ultimate opportunist, Rihan. He was calling to let me know that he had 2 tickets for the TNA UK Fan Party. Sunday 22nd December 2013 at The Garage! A chance to meet the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and 1st British wrestling champion for a major promotion in 108 years - Magnus. As well as the chance to meet Rockstar Spud - winner of the 1st TNA British Boot Camp. And of course the master of most of TNA's ceremonies Mr. Jeremy Borash! This was TNA's way of saying... "Merry Christmas!"

Despite having gotten to the event an hour late, the event itself was pretty awesome! Rihan had gotten there before me and had watched the screening of the Dixieland Match (what a name for a gimmick match right?) between Jeff Hardy and Magnus to determine the new TNA World Heavyweight champion.

I'd only heard the news about Magnus that morning from Anuj, and it was pretty cool that finally a Brit was World champion for a major promotion! Magnus would be introduced by Rockstar Spud, to the sounds of Arctic Monkeys.. to deliver his first speech as TNA World Heavyweight Champion on UK soil.

Magnus coming out to "Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?" was a damn cool moment! At the time I didn't know the name of the song but I looked it up, found it and haven't stopped listening to it since! It really suited him, it has that cocky heel swagger to it. I cannot wait for the TNA Maximum iMPACT tour on February 1st, because I can only imagine what the pop will be like when a Brit returns to England, and our hometown of Wembley, finally bringing home the gold!

We were sure to grab a couple of beers while we were at the TNA Xmas party, and check out some of the merchandise at the stall near the bar. Unfortunately they didn't have a large in the Aces & Eights t-shirt which would have been pretty cool to own. Maybe we'll get the right sizes when they hit Wembley Arena.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
The atmosphere was great and JB was giving out signed merchandise by the truck load, what a great way to do some promoting! From signed Abyss masks, to signed 8x10s of TNA Superstars - throwing them out all throughout the party. I would have loved to get my hands on some TNA Knockout's playing cards. It's sort of a hobby, collecting decks of cards /-) Also being given away were these huge wallpaper arts featuring Velvet Sky, Brooke, Gail Kim and Christy Hemme. Who wouldn't want to wake up and see that first thing in the morning? By the end of the night, I remember talking to Jeremy Borash just before leaving, and a group of 4, had run up to this wall and started ripping the paper off the walls, and we stopped talking to look over. JB said, "As long as they have permission.."

JB would also be recording the IMPACT Wrestling podcast, which is now available for your audible pleasure, and I'll be listening to it in it's entirety as soon as this post is up! The podcast featured questions that were asked by people at the party, one of which were about who Magnus found inspirational in the world of professional wrestling.

You can check out what Magnus had to say by checking out our fan video on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4YEc-fopHQ

The highlight of the night for me had to be talking to Rockstar Spud and letting him know that in 2007 when he was wrestling in the Irish Pub in Digbeth for AWW in front of about 30 people, Rihan and I were in that crowd. And here we were, 2013 January and Spud had just won TNA British Boot camp and was wrestling in front of a sold out crowd in Wembley Arena. He said he really appreciated it! It's like we've been with him on his journey from his early days so it's nice to see how well he's doing now with TNA! A true character!

We were also given the chance to get our pictures taken with the man himself! The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus! He was nice enough to sign some cards for us also. It was pretty awesome to be in the same picture as the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Rihan had some old wrestling memorabilia with him and got that signed from the champ. It was an old promotional poster which featured Brutus Magnus and Rockstar Spud on it, I think it may have been an independent promotion from Birmingham, England. Spud would be kind enough to sign the same one!

Jade O'Malley was dealing with a queue of fans who were showing her their #TNAFanParty tweets in exchange for signed 8x10s of TNA Superstars. Unluckily, and this is no offence to D'von, I had gotten a D'von one. Wasn't too happy with it and asked if we could exchange it? At first she said no, but then she said that if we were to tweet at her then she'd give me another one! So she took my phone and keyed in her user from my phone, and she got me a signed AJ Styles 8x10! (Which I realised I already had at home..) But still! That was nice of her, you can go follow her on Twitter @JadeOMalley Thank You Jade!

Jeremy Borash was kind enough to spend about 10 minutes with us after Rihan had gotten his picture taken with him, to answer a question that I had asked him. "What advice can you give me for my blog on the Road to WrestleMania?" - If there was anyone in the history of the world that knew anything about promotion it was this man. And I appreciate the ideas we discussed, and for allowing me to pick his brain a little bit. One of the things he advised me to do was to shoot videos, because it's over at the moment. May have to implement that in somehow a bit more for everyone! Rihan asked him if there would be any TNA events in the week of April 6th in New Orleans, and it may interest you to know that there sounds like there could be a very good chance /-) For the record, I'm going to go ahead and say that Jeremy Borash is a really cool guy, and down to Earth, and fun to talk to! Don't have enough nice things to say about him, a true entertainer and great communicator! If you're reading this, I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass, Thank you for your time sir, and for being an absolutely awesome host! If you don't already follow him on Twitter you can do so by going right here: @JeremyBorash 
Rihan with Jeremy Borash

Our friend @Cherrysparkler with Jeremy Borash

Jeremy Borash with Mau
In summary, we all had a blast at the TNA UK Christmas fan party and were glad that we were able to be a part of something like this, which I hear doesn't happen very often in the United States. More excited than ever to be going to the TNA Maximum Impact tour VI in Wembley Arena! If you were at the TNA Fan party then feel free to leave a comment below and share your photos, videos and experiences with us!

P.s. On behalf of everyone at The Road to WrestleMania 30 blog, Merry Christmas Eve!

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WrestleMania CountDown: WrestleMania XV

AYO! What's popping everybody? I'm sure you're all tuned into Monday Night RAW right about now for the Christmas special where it looks like The World's Strongest Santa is about to save Christmas! Because that's what he do. Let's go back in time right now with our WrestleMania CountDown as we take a trip back to 1999 for WrestleMania XV!


Date: 28th March, 1999
Venue: First Union Center
City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The opening contest on the WrestleMania card itself would feature a Hardcore championship title defense from Billy Gunn, but he was unsuccessful against Hardcore Holly and Al Snow. Holly would walk out as champion. I believe that this was the first time that the Hardcore Championship was ever defended at a WrestleMania.

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) would successfully defend the WWF Tag Team championship against D'Lo Brown and Test. Brown and Test were having issues even before the match had begun. This would be Jarrett's last WrestleMania match to date. The same could be said for Owen Hart, who died on May 23rd, 1999. Rest in Peace Owen.

BREAKING NEWS: As I'm watching this edition of Monday Night RAW, the rumours have just been confirmed. 'The Animal' Batista Returns! January 20th on Monday Night RAW!

In the shortest bout of the night, Butterbean would land a knockout punch to Bart Gunn and get the 'W' in a mere in 38 seconds in their 'Brawl for All' match.

Paul Wight would take on Mankind to determine who the referee would be for the main event match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock for the WWF Championship. Watching the Bigshow in the match, he looked pretty damn impressive in the ring! However the finish of the match would come when he would get himself disqualified, to Mr. McMahon's disapproval. McMahon makes his way down to the ring after the match and Bigshow has him up for a chokeslam after he get's tired of listening to McMahon. But Show lets him down gently, only to be slapped right in the face by McMahon. Bigshow would follow up with a knockout punch! I credit McMahon for taking this shot. Years later, in fact earlier this year his knockout punch would take Triple H out of the picture for a good week. Vince took this shot at WrestleMania XV and was back up and running around by the time the main event was on! Good old Vince.

Road Dogg would successfully defend the Intercontinental championship in a four corners elimination match against Ken Shamrock, Goldust and Val Venis.

Kane and Triple H would have a match where Kane would end up winning but by disqualification. Chyna would play a major factor in this match as she had recently aligned with Kane, and came out during the match. Chyna would end up hitting Kane with a chair, followed up by 2 more chair shots from Helmsley, and a pedigree to add the exclamation mark. Chyna would re-unite with Triple H and return to D-Generation X.

Sable would defeat Tori in the Women's championship match with a little assist from a big manbeast who's name I've forgotten so if anyone can help me with that feel free to leave a comment below! She was.. very masculine. No, not Chyna.

Shane McMahon was set to defend his European championship against X-Pac of D-Generation X, who would be ambushed on his way to the ring by Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco but was able to fight them off and make his way into the ring. By the end of this one, Triple H had come out with Chyna, at first it seemed, to aid X-Pac. This wasn't the case as Triple H planted X-Pac with a pedigree as Chyna distracted the referee. Shane would cover X-Pac and retain the title. The New Age Outlaws would try and come to the aid of X-Pac but they were beaten down also. The lights go out. Kane made his way down to the ring, as the Corporation members, Triple H and Chyna would retreat.

Hell in a Cell. The Undertaker would take on the Big Boss Man. The first Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania I believe. The Undertaker would make Boss Man victim number 8 on the infamous WrestleMania undefeated streak. The Brood would descend on top of the Cell and feed though a hangman's noose to the deadman. The Undertaker would slip the noose around the neck of Bossman. Paul Bearer would raise the Cell and Bossman would be hung. Literally. I was watching this thinking, how on Earth did they manage to do this spot?

Right before the main event match between The Rock (c) and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship, Mr. McMahon would appear again in the ring. Mankind had been beaten down and taken to the hospital so there was no way he could referee this match, as McMahon pointed out. So he himself would do the deed. But not so fast! The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels was in the building! He made a few changes, such as no corporation members would be allowed near ringside, and McMahon would not be refereeing the match!

This was the first of three epic WrestleMania encounters between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The No-disqualification match between these two legends would go just under 17 minutes and would see 4 different referees, including a returning Mankind from the hospital. Earl Hebner would be the one to count The Rock's shoulders down to the mat for the 3 count after receiving a Stone Cold stunner from Austin. Oh Hell Yeah. McMahon would have a few words for Austin after the match but that ended up landing him in the ring and getting hit with a Stone Cold Stunner!

WrestleMania Moment: The hanging of Big Boss Man.

Move of the Night: Triple H's pedigree on X-Pac. Game changer.

Match of the Night: WWF Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin


If you watched WrestleMania XV, let us know what you thought and fill us in on your favorite moments! Join the blog next weekend as we take a look back at WrestleMania 2000 as a part of the 'WrestleMania CountDown'! You can also tweet to us from anywhere!
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Preview: TNA Maximum iMPACT VI - 6 Years in the Making

Between the boys, we'd been debating whether or not to get TNA tickets in Wembley this year because at the time the tickets went on sale, the card didn't look too great in comparison to the names promised in previous years. There had been maybe another year or two when we'd left ticket purchase up till the last minute, and this would probably be the third time.

It was the morning of Thursday 19th, December 2013. Vimal and I had finally decided to go and get the deal done, I mean after all it was tradition!

I have been to every TNA Maximum iMPACT tour that has been held in the UK since its inception. I almost never went to the first one, because I was in London on the day it was scheduled and Rihan had got us tickets for the Coventry Skydome. It seemed like such a long trek at the time, to make up to Coventry from London last minute, but I'm glad I went. That was my first ever wrestling show by a major promotion.

I haven't missed the annual tour since. In fact, every year after that I've been at every show in Wembley Arena. Since the days of the 6-sided ring, till earlier this year when Sting and Bully Ray were in the main event against the Aces & Eights. I remember the A&8s walking out to the ring just below the balcony where we were seated, and I remember getting D'Von's attention and flipping him the bird and shouting, "YOU SUCK D'VON!" Good times. I think I was overly marking out because they had just beaten down Sting.

We were also pretty privalged to see the high-wire spectacle known as Ultimate-X one year. As well as being able to meet the biggest icon in professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan! Watching a bloody Ric Flair take on Douglas Williams one year! There's a little known fact about one clip that TNA use fairly often and it's one of when Sting is coming down to the ring at Wembley Arena. You may be familiar with it? I'm about to share a little story about that little clip. They even used it as part of his TNA Hall of Fame induction promo. It's a little snippet that you can see in the video below from about 01:40 - 01:48 -

The bit where he's walking down and suddenly points with his mouth wide open and marks out. That was at us! And I'll tell you why. I've been a huge Sting fan since I first started watching wrestling and seeing him on Nitro in the late 90s, and we knew that for this TNA tour we had front row seats so Anuj created a sign.

During that infamous walk to the ring Sting noticed the sign Anuj had made and came over to us, marked out a little which was really cool and shook our hands. Boy! That was a dream come true. I still remember my knees feeling like jelly in that moment. That's our little claim to fame and we have TNA to thank for that, for bringing the Stinger to Wembley in 2012.

Anuj and his artwork
Here's a picture of me with the long hair and Sting face paint & t-shirt and Anuj holding the sign up from Rihan's point of view, who was also at the event but had different seats from us:

If you're still not fully convinced here's the video footage, it's a bit shaky but it's because this was a mark out moment of a lifetime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rha5tdBJvms (for some reason Blogger can't find it on here, but the link should work fine.)

2012 was probably the best TNA Maximum iMPACT tour for me because we got to meet Hulk Hogan and get our pictures taken as well as get his autograph and we also got that moment of acknowledgment from Sting which will be a memory that definitely lasts a lifetime. In fact there have been so many great moments along the years on the TNA Maximum Impact tours.

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2013 - The Road to LockDown

Sting & James Storm vs. Bully Ray & Bobby Roode - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2012

Me & Rihan - TNA Maximum Impact 2012
Ric Flair vs. Douglas Williams - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2011

Ultimate X - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2010
TNA has been pretty good to Wembley Arena and I think it's because Wembley has always been good to TNA! In my opinion, wrestling fans in London are up there with the best fans in the world!

Back to the morning of Thursday 19th, December 2013..

So Vimal and I arrive at the box office and there's a lady sitting behind the desk who seems to be taking her sweet time with everything. I was on a time limit, I had work that evening, I didn't have time for this...

The woman finally greets us and asks how she can help, "7 tickets for TNA please.." I said. The woman has a little fiddle around with her computer as Vimal and I wait as patiently as we can. Then she tells us, "Sorry. It's all sold out."


That wasn't possible. I'd had  a look online before we'd gone out there just to be sure and there were tickets available. Rihan had even spoken to me on the phone telling me which sections would most likely have enough seats for all our tickets. If Rihan says there's tickets available, they're available. I ask the woman if she's sure.. Surely our tradition wouldn't end like this? Not this way!

Why is it that during this entire Road to WrestleMania, obtaining tickets has been like trying to win a match wrestling as Yoshi Tatsu? So damn difficult, always obstacles. Or stupid people to deal with. Like this lady. Who as it turned out was looking at the wrong booking system.

Once she'd gotten on the right page we had a choice of 2 possible sections and that decision took us about 5 minutes, but once that was done, BAM! We paid our cash and retrieved our tickets. Thus, continuing our annual tradition of drinking beer and enjoying the show that TNA would be putting on in our own back yard for the 6th consecutive year. Oh Hell Yeah! We're all set, as the TNA Maximum Impact tour VI on Saturday 1st February 2014 had now become a part of our Road to WrestleMania XXX...


Thanks for taking the time to read,
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The 'State of RAW' Address (Part 2)

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for 4 tickets to Monday Night RAW. Making his way to the laptop, from London, England, The Mau! And his opponent, from the United States of America, The Masterpiece, Ticketmaster U.S.!

Preparing for this Moment...

I had to be ready to book the RAW tickets to guarantee our crew a spot to the Mania after Mania. I had already spoken to a friend as a contingency plan to be on the phone line with me and help us make this booking. I had tried to call Shanks and Pradeep, two dudes who are going to New Orleans with Rihan and I on the road, but to no avail. Rihan was in Madrid somewhere but had told me that he had connections to the inter-webs. On that Saturday morning I had gone to the gym with my friend who'd be helping me via fone, and if he were to probably ever have a gimmick name in pro-wrestling it would probably be Lieutenant Buttstrong. For the purposes of this post, he'll be referred to as Buttstrong. Or 'the artist formerly known as Lieutenant Buttstrong'. On the way back from the gym I had ample time to get home, shower, grab a bite to eat and still have a lot of preparation time for this 'booking match' with Ticketmaster. However, on the way home I realize that I have Buttstrong's phone in my pocket, so I'm gonna have to go down to his and return it, orelse there wasn't really much chance of him being on the phone to me, and aid in the purchase. We met halfway, and that cushion of time was now taken away. I rushed back, hit the shower, and get to the laptop with some food and start unreeling the set-up. I got Anuj to get in on it with his laptop too. Great! Now there were 3 of us. I gave the two a short brief, thanks to the miracles of the phone and Skype. Time was ticking away and I was looking to end this one quick. A squash match. There were 2 minutes left till 4pm.

(Booking) The Match...

The clock strikes 4 and we were off! Or were we? The demand for this event was so freaking high, that it didn't give us any results? What the hell? And I mean none of us were getting any results! It just kept shooting us down with what appeared to be TicketMaster's signature move, "High Demand! No Matches."

Holy Cow! This summa-ma-bitch was not not selling any of our punches, kicks, grapples and attempts to get at those tickets! Eventually, after about 10-15 minutes of searching it threw out a section! It was in the 300s. Now at the time, none of us knew that because of the amount of ticket's that have already been sold prior to general sale, 300s were about the best we were going to get. Like I said, we didn't know this at the time - we were aiming for the 100s. I searched again, and this time it had gone back to "High Demand! No Matches." Anuj and Buttstrong were getting the odd result here and there showing them 300s but with rows that were really far to the back.

TicketMaster was seemingly laying the SmackDown! on my ass. But wait, what's this? Rihan is running interefernce, all the way from Madrid! L.w.O. in the house! One more man on the team, joining us via Whatsapp, to take on the Goliath, TicketMaster! Although this made the odds better, TicketMaster continued to whip us like government mules by refusing to show us any results that we wanted. We were attempting to work the proverbial legs on TicketMaster, trying to make it break down and buckle to the will of the 4 of us, and eventually lock it into a Figure-4-Leglock that would Submit us the sections that we wanted!

It was not happening! We were deep into this match and after checking what other people were getting, it appeared that the best thing we could hope for was to get the lowest numbered row possible in one of the 300s sections. But the problem now was that it just wasn't giving us an opening. But then, a chink in the unforgiving armour of TicketMaster would present itself. Row 3 in a 300s section. There were only 2 rows that could have been better than this, maybe we had a stroke of luck finally? Now given the nature of this match, and the likelihood of walking away with no shot at the Mania-after-Mania, we had to think fast. Time was not on our side and with every second that slipped away we knew we had to grab the brass ring. I held onto those tickets, and waited to see if in the unlikely event any of the others had any better results. The 2 minute timer ran down to it's final few seconds before it would be released back into the pool. 5, 4, no one had anything better, 3, and CLICK! AYO! Adrian! Couple of short minutes later and the match was over. WE WERE GOING TO THE RAW AFTER WRESTLEMANIA! Cue Vince McMahon's entrance music. I had accidentally booked using the incorrect details. Now what would this mean? It was a bit of a dusty finish. There was dust, but in my mind it hadn't completely settled yet.

Post-(Booking)Match Controversy...

I didn't really have the piece of mind that I wanted and spent the next 2 hours checking up on what I could do to rectify the mistake. The tickets were booked, but I had used some incorrect information which I needed to clear up. I was pretty stressed out about this. After those 2 hours I decided that since I couldn't call TicketMaster up, because the lines were closed, I may as well just wait until the following morning and see what they say then. I did just that, the first call had me waiting about 10 minutes, when I finally got through to the guy, he tells me I need to call TicketMaster U.S. because he'd never heard of my order number and that they don't deal with it! Next thing you know I'm on the line to TicketMaster U.S. and this time I'm waiting for another 15 minutes. I explain my situation to a guy named Chris. He tells me that he's going to have a word with his supervisor. He comes back and suggests that printing the tickets would be the best idea, and that he was going to put me through to custmomer services who'd be happy to do that for me. I'm waiting another 10 minutes for a lady who eventually answers the phone, and I'm getting tired of explaining my story time after time, but I need to get this sorted! She tells me that she's sending the tickets via e-mail and it should be there in my inbox within 8 minutes. I say thank you for your time, and try stall the conversation until I see that summa-ma-bitch e-mail pop up in my mailbox. I didn't want to have to go through all of this again, and explain my story again, just in case the damn e-mail didn't come through. I'm sure you've all had to deal with shit like this at some point or another, maybe with student finances? I couldn't seem to stall her long enough and she asks, "So, is there anything else I can help you with today?" and I say no, and thank her again for helping. The second I put that phone down, the e-mail pops up. I open it up and BAM! There were the tickets.. BOYS! We're OFFICIALLY going to Monday Night RAW in NOLA! Signed, Sealed, Delivered with peace of mind, and the guarantee of a wild show, the night after WrestleMania XXX!

TLC: For the Record...

Randy Orton has been 'Immortalised'. The first WWE World Heavyweight Champion as they like to call him. Defeating John Cena, last night at TLC. I guess they said that there would be one champion after TLC and that's what we got. The PPV met expectations. Didn't exceed them but it was good nonetheless. I think in hindsight Orton and Cena could have been better off in an actual wrestling match, like an Iron Man or maybe a '2 out of 3 falls' match, but it is what it is. Where do we go from here? What do you guys think?

Orton def. Cena @ TLC - Failures of the education system when WWE employees can't spell 'Heavyweight'
The opposite of what I'd called for the two handicap matches came to fruition as CM Punk would get the victory and Daniel Bryan would walk out with a loss, for their respective matches. However, I told Anuj the second that Roman Reigns hurt his eye on the steal chair that Dean Ambrose would be receiving a spear! That match was really well done, and I enjoyed it - I think the fans in the arena did too as the opener it really fired everyone up. Bryan and the Wyatts also had a good showing, a slightly different match in terms of telling a story. AJ Lee's luck continued to roll on, despite all of these reports with this Michelle woman, and WWE having to do 'damage control'. I don't know enough about the whole Tribute to the Troops incident to get into it, and the information that is there isn't very clear. Point being, AJ Lee is still the Divas champion. I was so sure Natalya was going to win because she was smiling way too much in that match, nice work on tricking me! Cody Rhodes and Goldust retained the tag championships against the other 3 teams in the elimination match with the finish being between Cody and Rey. Loved this match, and the crowd were well into it, all the way up until Cody hit that last crossrhodes on Mysterio.

Two matches that the crowd couldn't care less for were ones that weren't advertised. Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth (I don't even remember if it was R-Truth, shows how much attention I was paying to this one) in which Tensai and the Funkadactyls would abandon Clay at ringside. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston match actually provoked a very clear '"Boring!" chant. Nice.

My favorite match to watch that night had to be between either CM Punk vs. The Shield or the Fatal-4-Way elimination tag team match between Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. Bigshow/Mysterio vs. The Real Americans vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel. Both matches delivered!

RAW Ramifications...

So RAW just finished, and the segment that had me glued was when CM Punk was addressing the authority and asks for Triple H to come down to the ring, but instead, Shawn Michaels turns up. Michaels telling Punk to let go of it, and Punk saying that he has a lot of respect for Shawn Michaels but if he superkicks him again, Punk would kick back. The crowd were chanting, "One more match!" to which Punk said, "I'm gonna have a lot more than one more match!" Could it be possible for Shawn Michaels to headline one more WrestleMania against CM Punk? Would it taint his final match against the Undertaker, and the bar that HBK has set for retirements? Time will tell, and all we can do right now is speculate, so let us know what you think! The number of tag team matches on tonight almost had me thinking that Teddy Long's spirit was working much harder than the christmas spirit. The main event match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan was insane!
The main event was the match of the night on RAW (16/12/13)
Definitely pay-per-view quality, and the finish came when Orton got himself disqualified against Bryan with a low blow. Cena would come out and throw Orton out of the ring, only to receive a RKO. The Dark Lord is rising. JBL made a reference to Hagrid's beard tonight comparing it to that of Daniel Bryan. Let me put this in perspective for people who are familiar with the Harry Potter saga: Randy Orton is looking, and rising up like Lord Voldemort! RAW went off the air as Orton was the only man standing, over the bodies of Cena and Bryan. The Viper, the apex predator could wind up having a re-match against either Cena or Daniel Bryan come the Royal Rumble. It's too early to tell, and if that won't be the case there may even be a triple threat match for the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As I always say, time will tell!

P.s. I hope Nikki Bella is ok, because it looked like Tamina Snuka superkicked Nikki's nose off her face during the divas tag team match.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
There's plenty more to come! /-)
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

WrestleMania CountDown: WrestleMania XIV

AYO! What's popping everybody? We are one day away from TLC, live on PPV where John Cena and Randy will collide in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to determine one unified WWE World Champion. The course of history is about to change in the WWE! Or we could just end up with the prediction I had made earlier... Time will tell! Let's go back in time right now with our WrestleMania CountDown this weekend as we take a trip back to 1998 for WrestleMania XIV!


Date: 29th March, 1998
Venue: FleetCenter
City: Boston, Massachusetts

The opening contest would feature 15 tag teams, in a battle royal to determine number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team championships. I believe this is the second time that I'm noticing that rather than having the actual tag team titles on the line, someone decided to put the number one contenders match at the biggest show of the year instead. The Legion of Doom were the only team that had their entrance televised and I was pretty sure they would be the ones coming out with the win, and they were! AAAAAAAH WHAT A GUEESSS!

Taka Michinoku would defend the WWF Light Heavyweight championship against Aguila! The poor man's WCW cruiserweight division match. Yes. I was originally more of a WCW guy back in the day. None the less the match itself just turned into a spotfest with each one of them coming off the top ropes move after move. I started to play a little guessing game with Anuj about who was under that Aguila mask. At first I had guessed Psychosis because of the style of his mask, or maybe it was Juventud Guerrera? Who remembers Juventud coming out and saying, "IF you smell, what the Juice! is cooking.."? But it couldn't be them, they were WCW cruiserweights, and that's when Anuj enlightened me and revealed that it was Essa Rios. Essa Rios at WrestleMania against Taka Michinoku at WrestleMania 14. Who would have thought it? One of the factoids that stuck out from the announcers was that Aguila was only 19 during the time in which this match took place. If my sources serve me correctly, he is once again wrestling as Mr Aguila for CMLL.

WCW Cruiserweights > WWF Light Heavyweights
Next up was probably my personal favorite match on the whole card and that was HHH (c) vs. Owen Hart for the European championship. Two guys who can have an amazing match together, and there was a pretty great story being told here by two very capable athletes. The match was back and forth, with Chyna on the outside, who had been handcuffed to commissioner Slaughter in order to keep her from interfering in the match. The finish would come when Chyna would use some 'Fuji' powder on Slaughter, allowing her ample time to low blow Owen Hart, while the referee was being distracted by Helmsley. The low blow would follow up with a pedigree and HHH picking up the 'W'.

The final blow, after the low blow.
The Artist formerly known as, 'Goldust' would team with Luna Vachon in a mixed tag team match against Marc Mero and Sable. I didn't think this match was anything special but by the sounds if it, the crowd were really behind Sable! At one point Sable delivered a very impressive looking powerbomb to Luna and even scored the decisive pinfall against her after using Mero's signature TKO move. Very impressive outing by Sable. Goldust was looking really fat in this match. That's the only thing we could think as we were watching him, he looked lazy moving around in that ring also. Compared to the fantastic run he's having at the moment, the Goldust from WrestleMania 14 looks like it's a different person altogether. Maybe he was going through some hard times? His 2013 run has definitely been my favorite.

Now I don't recall the last time The Rock had his ass whooped as badly as he did in the following match, in which he would defend his Intercontinental championship against Ken Shamrock. MY GOD! Was Shamrock on fire, and looking legit as he did it. He was like a damn cyborg the way he was just on Rocky that whole match. Eventually The Rock would tap out to the anklelock applied by Shamrock, Shamrock would Belly-to-Belly suplex every member of the Nation of Domination that would get in his path and then re-apply that anklelock onto Rocky Maivia. Shamrock was on fire!

Shamrock-a-mania Runnin' Wild!
The crowd were behind him like crazy too, as he continued to apply pressure on the anklelock. The Rock bleeding from the mouth, what a moment! Farooq runs down to the ring, gets up onto the apron, and just as we think he's going to get into the ring to aid The Rock, he stops. He stops at the apron, looks at The Rock and then retreats. Shamrock eventually lets up the hold and The Rock gets taken away on a stretcher. The announcement is made, that due to Shamrock's refusal to let go of the hold, the referee was going to reverse his decision. A crazed Shamrock would go after the stretchered Rock on the entrance ramp, pull him off and slam him into the ground where the DX band had their drums. MAN! This was intense! I loved this part of the PPV, because he had you believing that he was "The World's Most Dangerous Man".

I've recently read an article on a pro-wrestling website that produced a concept of Ken Shamrock possibly returning to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. In the same way that a lot of WWE fans tuned into UFC, could the very same happen with UFC fans buying into a WrestleMania match if 'The Beast Incarnate' was to take on 'The World's Most Dangerous Man'? I have faith in both their in ring abilities, so it's not completely out of the question. It beats the standard, "What do you think would happen if The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had a match at WrestleMania?" question. So instead I'll ask you guys what you would think of Ken Shamrock vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania? Would you be interested?

As the card rolled on I think the match that Anuj enjoyed the most was the WWF Tag team championship match. Oh I didn't know? The WWF tag team belts would indeed be on the at this pay-per-view! The New Age Outlaws were set to defend against the two most hardcore wrestlers in the business in Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack. Not in any old match, NO! It was a dumpster match! The idea behind it was the same as a casket match. The team that can successfully dump both members of the opposite team into a dumpster and close the lid would be declared the winners. Most of this match took place at the ringside area where a huge red dumpster was placed. Eventually the match would go to the backstage area and continue. Although this might not have been the most hardcore of matches for the two hardcore icons, watching Terry Funk perform at the age of 53 the way he did, you can't help but respect that man! He and Foley would end up defeating the New Age Outlaws by Chainsaw Charlie fork lifting them into a dumpster in the backstage area. There were new WWF tag team champions crowned!

The build-up for Kane vs. Undertaker was an epic one. However, watching it back all these years later, you kind of question more things about the story. How was Undertaker able to promise his dead parents that he would never fight Kane? The number of times these two would fire lightning bolts or flames at each other was ridiculous. I'm sure back then though, it was probably wrestling's best horror story going. Brother vs. Brother. The stage was set. The match was epic and I believe that this was the first WrestleMania where the Undertaker had an extravagant entrance, one that was fit for his legend in the ring.

Brother vs. Brother
The match went on for a good 16 minutes, before the inevitable would finally catch up to Kane. The Undertaker would plant his 'younger brother' into the mat with a tombstone piledriver and Kane would become victim number 7 of the undefeated WrestleMania streak upheld by the Undertaker. Rest, in, Peace.

The main event was for the WWF Championship. The champion Shawn Michaels, would have in his corner both HHH and Chyna as he defended his gold against the Texas Rattlesnake, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. The special guest enforcer for this match was none other than 'Iron' Mike Tyson. Tyson at this point was an honorary member of D-Generation X and was sporting the t-shirt to boot. The finish of the match is known famously, as Steve Austin lands a stunner on Shawn Michaels, followed up by the Mike Tyson double-cross by making the count.

The end of a generation. The beginning of an era.
This match was special because it was pitting two of the greatest of all time (in my opinion) against one another. This match was special because it was symbolic of the changing of the guard, so to say in the WWF at the time. After this match Shawn Michaels would spend an extensive amount of time out of the WWF and the RAW the night after would see the WWF "winged eagle" championship belt retired. The attitude era was about to usher in. Oh Hell Yeah!

WrestleMania Moment: Ken Shamrock Runnin' Wild!

Move of the Night: Mike Tyson's KO punch on Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels sold the hell out of that punch!

Match of the Night: Eurpoean Championship: HHH (c) w/Chyna vs. Owen Hart


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Friday, 13 December 2013

The State of RAW Address (Part 1)

It's 12:20 a.m. and I'm at work, when I hear Eddie Guerrero's heel theme playing from my phone. I answer the phone, and it's Rihan. He breaks the news to me that tickets for the RAW from New Orleans in April 2014 were already on sale earlier that day as part of the pre-sale. He tells me that by chance, he was going through a wrestling forum and it was brought to his attention that a bunch of tickets were on sale, as a part of the pre-sale. We'd missed it. The first thing going through my head at the time was, "Aw F***".

7 Days Earlier...

It was just a week ago when I was on the phone to a friend talking about WrestleMania XXX, the stops en route to the big event, and The Super Bowl. Anuj by this point had already booked his tickets for RAW in May 2014 with his friends, and that made me wonder at that point why we hadn't already looked into tickets for the RAW after 'Mania. I mean, that one's sooner than the one he'd already booked tickets for, surely the April tickets had be to be out? So I started searching the net, but to no avail, I could not find anything. I drop Rihan a text saying, "Dude... Why can't I find tickets for the RAW after Mania online?" and to my relief I find out that the reason I couldn't find them, was because they weren't on sale yet! Phew. The New Orleans Arena, has an average capacity of 18,000. Now that number is a lot lower than the capacity of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. By simple logic, not everyone that's going to be at WrestleMania, is going to get to be at RAW. We had to be sharp, we had to quick, we had to get the job done. However...

Back to the Future...

We had missed the pre-sale. I'm hoping that not all the sections were released for sale, and Rihan has convinced me that there's still hope. So as I'm on the phone, Rihan tells me that that he's not actually going to be on the country on the Saturday 14th, which is when the RAW tickets would next be on general sale. Damn. He says, "No pressure, but it's all on you" ;)

I said I'd call him back when I got back home.

Before I get home, I receive a long message with a bunch of links, and a set of instructions from him. My mission statement so to speak. My marching orders. After reading through it about 3 times I've pretty much memorized what the strategy was, tested out the links, and made sure I was familiar with the strategy setup. Yes, we take pro-wrestling seriously. It's not a sport, it's a way of life.

If you guys have been reading the blog from the very start you'll be familiar with comparison we'd made between a wrestling match and actually getting the tickets for WrestleMania. Well I think I'm about to head into my second match this Saturday, and this time, there are no tag team partners. I'm going it alone, and with a much lesser time limit and a good chance of RAW selling out. When the clock strikes, and the time is up, and the dust settles, will I be a Survivor taking my team through to RAW? Will I emerge with my arm raised and holding 4 spots for Monday Night RAW, LIVE from New Orleans, Louisiana? Or do we get denied the Mania after Mania? Time will tell..

For the Record...

Now I've heard a lot of mixed reactions about the TLC 'Undisputed Unified Champion of Champions match' between John Cena and Randy Orton, and I have an opinion of my own which I shared with a few different friends, and I just want to get it out here for the record.

When the match was first announced on the November 25th edition of Monday Night RAW I was thinking, "Woah, Woah, Woah, Hold the phone for a second!". How were they just about to make an Undisputed championship match with only 3 weeks notice? That's not enough time for a build-up as momumental as this one! On top of that I was pretty sure that they would be retiring the 'Big Gold Belt' and stick with the new WWE championship presented to the world by The Rock earlier in the year. I wasn't too hot on the idea as I'm probably a bigger fan of the World Heavyweight championship than the WWE title. Plus, TLC just didn't seem like the best backdrop for a match of such epic proportions. Surely a unification match should take place at WrestleMania?

If I were to have it my way, here's what I would do:
The finish for the TLC 'Champion of Champions' match would see both Orton and Cena, after having a grueling match, climbing up the ladder to end the match. With both guys atop the ladder, John Cena would reach out at the same time as Randy Orton and they would both grab a championship each. Orton pulling down the World Heavyweight championship (since that was the his first title) and Cena grabbing the WWE title (which is more synonymous with him) resulting in the match being a tie, but having both championships switch hands. The PPV would end raising more questions than settling once and for all, who the true champion would be. The next night on RAW I would have the greatest authority figure in the company, Mr. McMahon, return to have a "State of the Championship" address. In which he would announce the main event for the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania. The match would be between whoever possesses the WWE title, going up against whoever holds the World Heavyweight Championship at the time, and the winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble. 30 Years, 3 Challengers, 2 Iconic Belts, 1 Undisputed Champion. A Triple Threat match for the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX!

The reason I believe that this could work is that it would give the audience a slightly longer storyline to get behind and ponder upon, as well them being able to leave their options open. In terms of the build-up, a longer angle can be worked out with a clear goal in sight, and by the end of the Royal Rumble PPV, we'll know one third of the equation. By announcing the main event early, the attention towards it will only have a snowballing effect, and will allow the story to gain momentum more organically. Not mentioning that such a historic match should only take place at the Showcase of the Immortals. But what do I know? /-) What do you guys think?

Having said that, I'm gonna be one of the millions tuning in on Sunday night to see how exactly it'll all go down, and  the rest of the card is looking pretty solid. From the two handicap matches we'll be seeing I reckon one will have an upset win. I'm gonna go with Daniel Bryan somehow finding a way to overcome the trio of the Wyatt Family. I'm a believer that there's a good chance of him ending up with the Wyatt Family, but where would they go from there? On the other hand I see CM Punk losing the match but definitely not going down without a fight. I reckon that during the bout we'll see those continued hints of friction between the Shield that we've been seeing lately but they'll come out on top with the win. I'm putting my money on Natalya defeating AJ Lee, and finally becoming the Divas champion. AJ Lee has been champion since June, winning the title at the Payback PPV, and I think on Sunday her luck might just run out. Both Divas can deliver in that ring and the match should be a good one. Another singles championship that will be on the line this Sunday, will be Big E Langston's Intercontinental championship as he's set to defend against Damien Sandow. I'm putting my money on Langston, he's just getting started. Cody Rhodes and Goldust have been insanely good as of late, and on Sunday their titles are up for grabs in a Fatal-4-Way tag match. I'm not quite sure why the Usos are not in this one? I think the Rhodes boys will retain, and if they don't the straps should go to the Real Americans. WE THE PEOPLE! But that's just my opinion! Let me know what your thoughts are heading into TLC this Sunday...

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Tidal Championship Wrestling presents: The 'Tidal Wave' Tour 2013 (01/12/13)

Sunday 1st December, 2013 - Tidal Championship Wrestling presents the 'Tidal Wave' Tour 2013. The first time I saw the flyer for the event was at The Coronet theatre in London, during the nWo UK Take Over tour. It had been a long time since I'd been to an independent wrestling show, so it was about time!

What really sold it to me was that I'd be seeing someone wrestle who's podcast I listen to more now than I listen to music. BOOM BOOM! It's Colt Cabana! The last time I had seen Marty Scurll wrestle was at the TNA Maximum iMPACT tour in January, earlier this year. He was in a 6 person, mixed tag team match and I remember him running towards the ropes and diving out the ring and landing really badly on the outside and not getting up for quite some time. I'd even see a couple of faces I hadn't seen wrestle in about 6 years but we'll get to that.

So we're en route to the event and my friend, Anil had decided to come so he was driving Anuj and I down to the Coronet. We were listening to Steve Austin's podcast episode 3 about getting a macho Mani-Pedi done. Anuj was in the back squirming around because the idiot only had about an hour's sleep the night before because he'd been up all Saturday night at his friend's house playing the new PS4, but anyway the plan was to meet Rihan there, and everyone was running a little bit late. To make matters worse, finding parking near the Coronet is a nightmare if you're not familiar with the area. We went round the roundabouts near there around three times and circled the block about twice before Anil could find any parking. I had told him before this that parking in central London ain't exactly easy if you don't know where you're looking and I did not want to be late! Finally, we get parking next to the shopping center (or mall as the Americans say) outside Elephant & Castle station and make our way over to the Coronet.

The Coronet theatre itself, by far is a building that is not the best looking venue, but it gets the job done. It has a bar, so you can't complain. We get to the bar, and I order a round and Rihan shows up and says, "Hey, go over and say hello..". I look behind me a little confused because at this point I hadn't seen Colt Cabana who was about 10 metres away from us at the merchandise table. He appeared to be busy in conversation with this blonde chick, maybe putting the BOOM BOOM moves on her, possibly? I didn't want to interrupt and thought it best to wait till they had finished. So I went over there, and Rihan introduced Colt Cabana to me and he shook my hand and said, "Hey how's it going? I heard you're going to WrestleMania?" I told him that we were, and I'd just finished listening to his Art of Wrestling podcast with Matt Morgan before leaving the yard, and he said thanks, he appreciated it. Then Colt asked, "I heard you're doing a blog too?" - It was pretty cool that he asked about this, and I said yeah it was about our Road to WrestleMania and that Rihan would send him a link. So if you're reading this, I want to give a shout out to Colt Cabana! You found my blog!
Bell time was fast approaching and he said, "Well I gotta go and get ready, I hope you guys enjoy the show!" and he was off to the backstage area, we wished him good luck for tonight. The show was about to start.

Now you often hear the phrase, 'Card is subject to change' but you rarely ever think it would affect you? Well it did with us this time. We were informed by the ring announcer prior to the start of the event that Mark Haskins and Adam Cole were stuck somewhere in Europe between France and Germany, or was it France and England? I'm not too sure but we weren't getting our hopes up to seeing them in a match anytime soon. Wait, so if Adam Cole wasn't there, who would Colt Cabana be facing in the main event? That's the kind of thing I was concerned about, whereas my good buddy Anil, was concerned about other things.

There are marks, and there are smarks. I remember Jeff Jarrett once saying in this documentary 'The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling' something along the lines of, "For those who understand, there is no explanation necessary. For those who don't understand, no explanation will do." For some reason this quote stuck with me, because it made a lot of sense. As wrestling fans we all have that one or two friend/s that no matter what you try and explain to them about the whacky world of professional wrestling, they just won't understand. Or they tend to grasp the wrong end of the stick of what the point is, that you're trying to get across to them. Anil is one of those guys. I love him like a brother, but when it comes to understanding pro-wrestling or even the suspension of disbelief to enjoy and appreciate the art form of it, he's about as sharp as Ric Flair on that top turnbuckle. Failure to launch 90% of the time /-)

He asks me, "So this is the real thing yeah? Non of that scripted b***s***?".

There was no point even trying to tackle this question. Maybe it was the feel of an indy show that confused him? Maybe he thought that this was some kind of street fight or something? I really have given up on trying to explain what I understand about the business to him. You either get it it, or you don't. Even if I was to shoot straight with him and try loop him in, he'd probably (like a lot of marks who think they sorta get the deal) still be tripping up over his shoelaces trying to figure out which bits were 'real' and which bits weren't. I'm happy to report that eventually he just started enjoying himself and all in all had a good night! I love him like a brother, but this is the same guy that didn't want to go to America when he was younger because he didn't understand that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the TV was all kayfabe, and thought that Goldar was real and would come get him.

Goldar: Now that was one hell of a gimmick.
The opening bout was a stale one, with one noisy kid sitting in the front row, who was about 11 years old constantly shouting immature insults to the two guys in the ring. This was irritating.. at first. That kid was on Monster energy. The crowd was pretty quiet at first so you could hear this kid shouting insults at Rampage Brown, who was squaring off against Nathan Cruz. The match itself didn't seem like anything special, or noteworthy and having the crowd out of the match is another disadvantage I suppose. The two in the ring however didn't seem to make much of an effort to get the crowd involved in the match. Decent opener, and a good effort by these two - Rampage Brown would get the win over Nathan Cruz with a piledriver! Crowd reaction was pretty poor. I remember thinking "I hope they pick the noise up a little" and decided that I would be the '2 Guy'. For those who are unsure of what that means, every time the referee would count a pinfall, and the wrestler being pinned would kick out at 2, I would shout, "TWWOOOOOOOOOO!".

The next match on the card would feature The Lion Kid vs. Martin Kirby. Martin Kirby made up for all of the lack of interaction with the crowd of the last match, and we the crowd, were getting entertained. A very fun heel to watch in the ring, Martin Kirby would end up getting a insult from that loud-mouthed 11 year old, I think it was, "you look like a poof!" to which Kirby responded, "I hate John Cena!". The wrestlers throughout the night after that would take after Kirby in messing around with the kid. Kirby would get the win over Lion Kid, rolling him up and grabbing a handful of trunks.

The Lion Kid!
 The main event for the first half of the show was 'Party' Marty Scurll taking on, 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm. Marty Scurll has changed his deal quite a bit since the last time I'd seen him and he'd definitely improved his game. His promo before the match was really good at attaining some heel heat, saying that he was the biggest star there. He had a great sense of presence in the building and had you believing that he was a superstar! Marty was the first guy that night to go up to the annoying kid and DX crotch chop him which got him over with everybody else. There was an awesome twist in this match when the referee caught Marty Scurll who was going for a crossbody. Marty shoved the referee and the referee shoved back. This would continue a few more times, as the crowd were making some noise for the official! Go ref! The referee ended up taking his shirt off and hitting Marty with a Stone Cold Stunner! The referee went for the cover as Jonny Storm donned the referee shirt and counted the 1-2-3. That was one of the loudest pops the whole night! The match would then continue between Storm and Marty with Storm eventually getting the win. Marty Scurll curses the annoying kid in the front row with a job at McDonalds.

During the halftime mark we were able to get a few snaps taken with some of the guys, as well as refill on drinks at the bar. I got a chance to speak to 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm and told him that I'd seen him wrestle 6 years ago in Birmingham and congratulated him and 'Party' Marty Scurll on a great match.

Nexus' Rihan and The Lion Kid

Anuj with Martin Kirby

'Party' Marty Scurll, The Mau, 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm
The second part of the show consisted of two matchups. The first would be Dave Mastiff taking on Kris Travis. The last time I'd seen Dave Mastiff was back in 2007, when he was wrestling for AWW in Birmingham and would cash in his opportunity for a championship match against then champion, Carnage. Rihan was with me at the event, and I'm pretty sure that it was his idea to go, and I don't think we'll ever forget it. Dave Moralez (as he was known at the time) would defeat Carnage, after Carnage's inital match, win the AWW Championship and run out of the building and get into a car and drive off! Mastiff would again pick up the win this night against Kris Travis.

Dave Mastiff with a stiff shoulder block on Kris Travis
It was main event time and my question for who would be facing Colt Cabana was answered. Colt Cabana would be taking on 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuck Taylor! I'm not gonna lie, I had never seen Chuck Taylor wrestle a match, up until that night, and I'm pretty sure I'll be looking up more of his matches now that we've been introduced /-) Having said that, note to self: Buy 'Wrestling Road Diaries'. Chuck Taylor went outside the ring during Colt Cabana's entrance and would take the away the Cabana sign made by that annoying kid in the first row. Taylor ran around the building, away from the kid and eventually made his way into the ring. Colt Cabana would end up stealing the sign back from Taylor and returning it to the kid. Cabana, after spending a good few minutes folding his jacket, threw it outside the ring, and the match went underway. I believe this was the longest match of the night and lasted about 15-20 minutes.

Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor about to lock-up
The crowd, although showing signs of life, were pretty dead at the get-go of this one, which provoked Taylor to say, "Yeah! No sound. No sounds at all. I like it dead silent when I wrestle!" I found this hilarious! It got the crowd going (eventually..) as people began to clap their hands, stomp their feet and get into this one. At one point, Taylor had Cabana in the corner and mounted the second rope and shouted, "10,000 Punch! Strap in, we're going to be here a while!", and he didn't land a single punch! Hilariousness. Cabana and Taylor would end up wrestling outside the ring, around the outside, even past the bar area and work their way back to ringside. Taylor was suplexed onto a load of chairs, which belonged to some of the guys sitting front row. Cabana as a sign of good faith sets the chairs up for the guys in the front row and gets them seated. The match continued back in the ring up until Colt Cabana had Taylor caught up in a fireman's carry. Where was this going to go from here? GTS! What a maneuver! 1-2-3! Boom Boom! Colt Cabana wins! Colt would address the fans after the match and plug in an infamous Mick Foley cheap pop, "Right Here! In London, England!".

I had a chance to have a quick word with Chuck Taylor who was at the merchandise table and I told him that his match was really fun to watch, and he said thank you! I asked him where'd he'd be working next and he said he was flying back to the States the following day. I shook his hand and wished him safe travels.

With 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuck Taylor
Just before we left the building we were able to get into the ring itself and get a couple of pictures taken which was pretty cool. It had been a long while since I'd stepped through the ropes /-)

Rihan giving me some pointers on mat wrestling

Brother vs. Brother square off in the ring

As we left the Coronet, we saw Rampage Brown who was pulling his suitcase behind him heading towards the shopping center. One last story before I wrap this one up, we were waiting to get the parking ticket validated and there was a really old man who was using the machine in front of us. Now this gentleman had put his debit card into the wrong slot and was now calling for assistance. So Anil and I are standing there a little impatient, and who should be behind us than Martin Kirby. I started a little Kirby chant, and he laughed as we asked him where he was heading. He said he was heading North, past Leeds, and it would be a long 6 hours drive. "Wow, that's a bit of a trek" I remember saying. He explained that he would be driving up there with Rampage and one of the other guys, so it shouldn't be too bad. He then asked us where we were off to, and compared to where he was going, Wembley didn't sound too far. We wished each other safe travels and I wished him luck with his wrestling career. Really nice guy to talk to, and someone who can turn it up in the ring. Was glad to have spent a brief amount of time speaking to him! And that's a wrap.

TCW Moment: Referee Chris Roberts hitting the Stone Cold Stunner on Marty Scrull and pinning him. Indy mark out moment!

Move of the Night: Rampage Brown hitting the piledriver. It's a rare move these days and he hit it! The GTS by Colt Cabana is a close second!

Matches of the Night: 'Party' Marty Scurll vs. 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm & Colt Cabana vs. 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuck Taylor.


As a little bonus to this blog post, I was able to get a part of the main event match on here, thanks to Anuj.


Thanks for taking the time to read,
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